Following detailed discussion, our Board of Governors, Fellows, and Members have suggested that the time is right for CRI to shift its focus from design & advice to advocacy. For 30 years, our independent, research-based design and advisory services have been at the forefront of our work. We have amassed a vast body of case histories, research data, practical know-how, and new ways of thinking about communication and design. We have set standards for good communication practices in many organisations with the resultant improvements in profits and productivity. We have led by example.

There is now much work to be done in persuading organisations to institutionalise and maintain those high standards into the future for the public good. To do so we need to shift our focus and our sources of funding.

If we are to become independent research-based advocates for good communication, we need a broad base of funding and voluntary support from a large community of like-minded people and organisations.

Here is some of what we are proposing to do in the future:

  • reduce CRI Personal Membership to AU$20.00 annually
  • make Student Membership free
  • give Members free access to our e-publications
  • invite Members to participate in our international projects. forums and future direction planning
  • invite organisations to support our work as corporate sponsors
  • celebrate good practices wherever we find them
  • share knowledge of best practices widely and openly
  • evaluate practices against agreed standards
  • offer critical insights into contemporary practices.

We would still undertake projects for organisations, but only with a strong focus on the public good.

Of course, none of this is set in concrete, and I would very much like to hear from you about this change in focus. Does it make sense? Would you support it? Are you interested in participating?

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