I‘m resuming my exploration of the Big Shift, which I started back in 2012

At the heart of the Big Shift is a profound rethinking of the nature of communication.

This is not easy stuff and I would not be offended or surprised if many readers of these papers stop at this point and come back when I have something more practical and less abstract to write about.

I fully understand the desire for simple quickly readable material. I often search for stuff online to resolve what I regard as a simple question. My heart sinks when I discover multiple long threads, blogs, and papers full of unfamiliar terms and complicated content.

Rather than inflict this on you in this series, I decided to reissue some papers that map out my struggles and excitement with new ideas about communication and the often strange ways of rethinking the things I used to take for granted. If this journey interests you too, be my guest on what has been a fascinating journey. You need to become a Member to read the papers.

A good place to begin would be with a brief article I wrote for public radio but never recorded. It’s called
Inside Communication Research.

A cup of coffee and some thinking might be in order now.

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