What are Communication Benchmarks?

  • measures of the communication practices used by business and government in their communication with the public
  • quantified data on the number and types of faults in public documents
  • measurements showing how far short or above acceptable performance level standards public documents perform.
  • diagnostic data on the causes of faults in public documents

What are public documents?

  • voice systems
  • forms
  • legal documents,
  • bills
  • letters
  • product labelling
  • consumer instructions
  • websites

the stuff of ordinary life that originates from business and government and makes up a large part of the daily communication between organisations and the public.

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Origins of Communication Benchmarks

We did our early benchmarking research at the baseline measurement stage of projects, helping our Member organisations improve their communication with the public.baseline measurement in information design

When used as part of our design process, the data provided us with valuable insights into what was wrong with their current practice. Additionally, we were able to refer to the baseline measurement data at the Testing and Monitoring stages of the process to detect and quantify any improvements resulting from a new prototype.

Alongside our routine measurements during projects we now have an ongoing Communication Benchmarking Program.

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