And not before time! See my blog from June 2009.

Here is an extract of what I said then:

“At every step, pharmacists—through the Pharmacy Guild—have blocked attempts to improve the quality of CMI for consumers. Despite the fact that pharmacists are actually paid out of taxpayer funds for delivering CMI as part of their counselling, have been given taxpayer funds to buy duplex laser printers for printing CMI because they complained about the number of pages in a CMI, and have been repeatedly exhorted to give consumers CMI by their professional bodies, CMI are not available to consumers as a matter of routine. Moreover, I have yet to see evidence that the money was actually used to buy the dedicated duplex CMI printers pharmacists asked for, rather than double hopper laser printers—a cheaper alternative that can be used for multiple purposes, not just printing CMI. There are, in my view, sufficient grounds for an investigation into the potential misuse of taxpayer funds.


Here is what the ABC reported yesterday.