An interesting and satisfying week. My colleagues in Mexico—Maria and Alejandro at the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Diseño (CEAD)—finished the third phase of major project to overhaul medicine labelling in Mexico. In this phase industry and regulators worked together under CEAD’s direction to develop five model labels. These will serve as the basis for the next phase, which is to develop a set of guidelines for the whole of industry to follow.

For me it’s been a privilege to work with CEAD, the Mexican government and industry, passing on some of the lessons from our experience here in Australia. But most exciting of all has been to see how the basic methods we have developed are adapted and reinvented in a new cultural context, quite different from our own, yet with same purpose of making medicine safer and easier to use.

Similarly I enjoyed a couple of late evenings (for me) participating via Skype in an end-of-topic crit with Judith Moldenhauer and her students at the Department of Art and Art History at Wayne State University. Judith ran a special topic on Information Design and used medicine labelling as the basis for the topic and the students’ projects. I got to see all the students’ final work, and it was fascinating.

What struck me the most was the way in which students engaged with the people using the medicines and, through a series of conversations, developed wonderfully imaginative yet practical designs that met the needs of the individuals they worked with. Just listening to the students talk about their work and their sense of knowing that their work could make a difference in ordinary life was really great. And it’s so nice to see some of our work being used, again in new and inventive ways.

This is a pattern of working I want to encourage in the future. Thank you Maria, Alejandro, Judith, and all the Judith’s students. A good week.