Improve productivity in your organisation

How can you improve productivity? Inadvertently, we found at least one way to do so. I say ‘inadvertently’ because increasing productivity was not part of our original mission. Our mission was (and always will be) to help organisations communicate with the publics they serve, to make life easier not only for the public but also for the organisations.

One remarkable finding from our earliest major research projects was that when forms, letters, product instructions, and agreements had been redesigned to make them more easily usable by staff and customers, productivity massively improved. The ROI was astonishing. For every dollar spent on our services, the minimum ROI on sales was $100, and on productivity the minimum was $10. 1Figures taken from Sless D. (2008) Measuring information design Information Design Journal 16(3), 250–258. Read one of our early detailed case histories here, or here

We made these finding through a series of high profile projects we undertook between 1985 and 1995 for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS), NRMA Insurance, National Mutual, Telecom and Telstra, Capita Financial Group (now part of MLC), and many more…

Since discovering the productivity benefits that flow from public document redesign, we replicate these results to this day through the information design process we use in our projects.

improve productivity using CRI method

In the first stage of a project (see ‘1 Scoping’ opposite), we look across an entire organisation, internal and external, to discover the impact of the documents to be redesigned. We collect ‘before and after’ measurements of the effect our redesigns have on all those that use the documents and all those in the organisation that produce them.

These measurements are taken throughout the lives of the documents, most notably at Stage 2 (baseline measurement) and Stage 7 (monitoring).

Our ‘before and after’ data point to improvements in:

  • compliance
  • data collection accuracy
  • payment transactions
  • transaction speed
  • call centre usage
  • call centre transaction times
  • administrative efficiency
  • increased sales.

If you are looking for ways to massively improve productivity in your organisation, consider inviting us to help you redesign your public digital and paper documents. Billing and letter systems, done using our design process, lead to the greatest returns on ROI.  Contact us now.