We are now at the point where we can say with real confidence that there is no excuse for any information designed for public use to be poorly designed. Moreover, we now know how to set measurable and publicly agreed standards for good information design.

As citizens and consumers, we should not have to put up with legal documents that we cannot make sense of, forms that are difficult to complete, websites that are difficult to navigate, bills and letters that are difficult to deal with, and medicine instructions that are hard to follow. Bad information design is unnecessary and unacceptable. We should not get lost in our streets, campuses, hospitals, shopping malls and airports. When we get confused or lost it is because organisations in our public space are not doing their jobs properly.

CRI spends a great deal of time advocating for good information design, pointing out areas where it can be improved and criticising bad information design: for example CRI’s work on government forms, credit card statements, and medicine information.

To date we have done this work pro bono, in our own time and at our own expense. This means that our work in this area is intermittent. If we are to make a real difference, we need your help.

To continue this work we need volunteers and funding.

We already have CRI Fellows and volunteers around the world to help us with fieldwork. We need more. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us.

We are looking at crowd sourcing for money to administer and manage the work. We will submit a budget, and everyone contributes a little depending on what they can afford. If enough people support us we can secure our work into the future.

We care passionately about the importance of this work. We want to make a difference to the everyday life of ordinary people. If you share our passion let us know. We need your help. Please contact us.