When it comes to designing information for people, good intentions are not enough. If you get it wrong, people can die. Nothing so starkly demonstrates this as the thousands around the world who are dying, unnecessarily, from a lack of information of a high standard. It’s not sufficient to mean well and do one’s best. Indeed, one’s ‘best’ could still be misleading, dangerous, and deadly.

Before and after best practice methodsThe Communication Research Institute has been researching communication practices for over thirty years, and has developed essential performance indicators, standards, and benchmarks for communication. In our Communications Benchmark Program we measure the performance of information that is intended for public use but routinely fails to meet acceptable standards. An example—most public information from Australian governments is, either directly, or indirectly through regulation, usable by no more than 40% of the people for whom it is intended. This is shocking and unacceptable.

This is why we are sharing our suite of agreed and achievable standards. We welcome you to use them. Start Here