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Rethinking government regulation

Information design standards

This post was originally published in 2018 to coincide with the publication of our Standards. We are reissuing it to coincide with a new initiative of plain language advocates […]

Boxed risk warnings

Boxed risk warnings are widely used and required by many information regulators. They have a poor effectiveness record.

In general they are used effectively by less than 50% of test […]

Quality medicine information design

With the support of our Donors, Members, and Volunteers from around the world, we are developing  new international guidelines and model templates for consumer medicine information and labelling. Join us.

A statement of advice

Never ever trust Statements of Advice in their current incarnation. If you live in Australia, reports from the hearings by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry will have revealed some—but not all—of the reasons why today's SOA can't be trusted.

Bad design by TGA

In Australia, where responsibility for government regulation of medicine information is in the hands of the Therapeautic Goods Administration (TGA) we are about to see bad design required by regulation.

Proposed guidelines for medicine labelling won’t work

Suddenly, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is an expert in typography and information design. The TGA has proposed a new set of guidelines for medicine labelling, to replace the evidence-based approach in TGO69A and the ASMI Code of Practice. If implemented, the new guidelines will result in more medication errors and a gradual deterioration of medicine labelling usability in Australia.

Why call it the big shift #2

My last blog described how CRI and other communication and information designers have realised that we cannot predict in advance how people will interact with the information we […]

Comments on the TGA Medicine Labelling Review

The issues raised by TGA are legitimate, and the labelling regulations need updating. However, the Consultation Paper ignores the established, evidence-based approach to medicine information design currently enshrined in regulations, and re-introduces an outdated, discredited approach.

Juliet Seifert

A few days ago I was privileged and delighted to be invited to attend a dinner hosted by the Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) in honour of Juliet Seifert. Juliet […]

Regulating financial information for consumers

The current banking debacle would be funny if it wasn't hurting so many people. There is something slightly whacky about putting compulsive and highly competitive gamblers in charge of the money. Not surprisingly, the money has gone. It's tempting to demonise particular individuals or institutions, but that misses the point, the systemic reasons why we are all in the current mess. After all, you can’t blame the scum for rising to the top of the liquid.

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