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Designing information for people

In 1990, after five years of research and innovation, CRI ran a symposium to showcase major advances in information design practice and theory. The resultant book is now a classic in the field. Previously available only in hardback, it is now available here to all our Members to read online.

Standard letters


Large information-intensive organisations, such as insurance companies, banks, utilities and government agencies, conduct a great deal of routine correspondence with individual citizens, customers, or clients using standard letters […]

Guidelines: Intranet writing guide

So many writing conventions—newsletters, procedures, instructions…—and so many guidelines for each. But in this intranet writing guide we integrate many conventions. We also draw on all information design stages, from […]

Performance requirements: SoA


A Statement of Advice (SoA) is the legal name for a document an Australian licensed financial adviser must give people when they offer their customers advice.

See our commentary on […]

Literacy: an ecological view

Just as we cannot fully understand a single organism in isolation, so we cannot understand any particular phenomenon of literacy or illiteracy. We must take the system as a whole, and examine the relationships between the literate and the illiterate, between writers and readers, and between all these and the political, economic and social environment in which we are all to be found and within which we interact.

Quality medicine information design

With the support of our Donors, Members, and Volunteers from around the world, we are developing  new international guidelines and model templates for consumer medicine information and labelling. Join us.

Better Consumer Medicine Information

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) in Australia is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information to consumers about prescription medicines and pharmacy-only medicines. Individual CMI leaflets (CMIs) should provide all the information users might need about a specific medicine product. CMI is provided in the wider context of health information as a communication and counselling link between healthcare providers and medicine consumers. That, at least, is what should happen…

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