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Philosophy as design

Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference of the Design Education Association, Cardiff March 14 2002.

Work of this kind is by its nature […]

Why call it the big shift #2

My last blog described how CRI and other communication and information designers have realised that we cannot predict in advance how people will interact with the information we […]

Design innovation and transformation

I'm appalled by the various design gurus, academics and journalists who go on about design, innovation, and transformation; who talk endlessly about the value of design yet offer not a shred of evidence in support of their claims. They speak like investment bankers in a boom market.

The death of design

The big D may turn out to be just another business fashion and die like its predecessors. That would be a great shame, but it will happen unless its promoters take the time to collect the evidence that the design process leads to all the things we want: sustainable, humane, productive and profitable outcomes that transform our lives. Without this evidence, design with a big D is dead.

There are always externalities

All of us involved in designing anything draw a boundary round the ‘problem’ space we choose to deal with, whether it’s a web site, a document, a motor car, a building, a city plan, or a whole society. We fix a boundary, and design within that self created space.

Eye candy and style matter

I think that style and what is called ‘eye candy’ are important in design. I also think that the champions of so-called practical and functional design, to the exclusion of eye candy or style, are either being disingenuous or they are simply wrong. Their advice is not to be followed.

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