David Sless, our current CEO, undertook a feasibility study funded by Flinders University on setting up a communication research institution.


The Camberra College of Advanced Education (now University of Canberra) invited David Sless to set up the new institution under its umbrella. Seed funding was provided by the Australia Council. The institution was named the Communication Advisory and Research Enterprise (CARE)


After 18 months incubation, the institution became an independent not-for-profit Registered Research Agency and relocated to the Campus of the Australian National University. It was renamed the Communication Research Institute of Australia (CRIA). By this stage it had become self-funding through its membership, practical research projects, grants, training programs, and publications.


The Institute relocated its Head Office, Library and Archives to Melbourne, and began a process of changing its Constitution to better reflect its changing role and mission for the future.


The Institute was reincorporated and renamed the Communication Research Institute Limited (CRI). It retained its status as a not-for-profit Registered Research Agency, and began a new international Fellowship program to ensure the continuity of the Institute’s work into the future.


The Institute shifted its focus from advice to advocacy. While it continues to help and advise its Members, continuing its program of best practice projects, the Institute is now focused on advocating for higher standards in communication and information design in government and business.

Brief chronology