editor’s note

The purpose of CMI

CMI is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information to consumers about prescription medicines and pharmacy-only medicines. Individual CMI leaflets (CMIs) should provide all the information users might need about a specific medicine product. CMI is provided in the wider context of health information as a communication and counselling link between healthcare providers and medicine consumers. The content of CMI is taken from the Product Information (PI) of the medicine written by the medicine’s sponsor or manufacturer; nothing may appear in the CMI that is not in the PI, so consumers can be confident that they are being given reliable information. Also, nothing may appear in the CMI that can be seen as an advertisement or endorsement of the brand developed by pharmaceutical companies.
Ideally, whenever a prescription medicine is dispensed at a community pharmacy, the pharmacist should give the relevant CMI to the medicine user, pointing out important details of usage.

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