Yes, best practice it is! Reluctantly and regrettably I have relented. I don’t like the term best practice, for reasons I explained in an earlier blog on the subject for our Members:

Just before you get excited: there is no such thing as best practice in communication and information design (CID). ‘Best practice’ implies that only one kind of acceptable practice exists. But this is not the case.  The best practices in CID are determined by the context in which they take place, and every context of CID is different to a greater or lesser degree. Some acceptable design practices may be shared by more than one CID project, but which is best for any particular project can only be discovered by experience and testing. There are, however, several criteria that can be applied to CID that can determine whether the practice is good.
(The earlier blog)

But times change. The conventions of our day, however distasteful and delusional, have dug their heels in and demanded that I desist. I might know why good practice is better than best practice, but google doesn’t. Now, when you look at our pages on this website, you will see that ‘good practice’ has been systematically replaced with the ubiquitous ‘best practice’. My apologies.

(But if you still feel as I do, you can still whisper good practice and hope that Big Brother is not listening.)