To the people who read this blog, an explanation for the long break is in order.

I returned last August from a fascinating overseas trip. As inevitable happens, I initially got caught up in catching up with correspondence and all the new work we are undertaking at CRI, but then something odd happened.

I went for a routine medical check and one of the blood tests, for liver function, showed some abnormalities. Many tests and scans later it was discovered that there was ‘something’ in my liver that should not be there. There was no way of finding out what it was without going in an taking it out. I agreed to the surgery.

A slice of my liver was removed along with the gall bladder. The surgeon was delighted: a simple operation lasting one and a half hours instead of the usual two and a half to three, no need for a blood transfusion, and the liver itself looked very healthy. While I lay recovering from major surgery (a bit like being hit by a bus, and with a hangover) the removed slice of liver was sent off for analysis. The tests showed there was no sign of any malignancy. And the ‘something’ in my liver? It had blocked some ducts but nobody was sure what it was, except that it was benign.

People who are critical of my views on communication, information and other matters might suggest, that after long investigation and surgery, the only benign part of me was found and promptly removed. (this is not an original line, but a good one!).

Anyway, such events have a way of refocusing ones point of view on many things, Over the coming months, as my strength returns (I currently have about two to three hours in any day when I don’t feel like sleeping), I will resume my soap box rants.