Making information easy to use

forms • procedures • bills • letters • emails • packaging • labels • instructions • legal and financial documents • contracts

Our Services



  • reduce complaints
  • reduce errors
  • increase productivity
  • increase sales & market share.



  • billing systems
  • standard letters
  • procedures
  • forms
  • instructions
  • legal document.



  • citizens
  • business
  • consumers
  • governments.



  • for change
  • by lobbying
  • by advising consumer groups
  • by publishing.

Two reasons for using our services

  1. Our services make life easier for people
  2. They result in good ROI.

How can we be certain?

Since 1985 we have run over 250 research projects supported by government and industry to improve the quality of information for people.

We systematically:

  • collect before and after project data
  • test and refine our methods
  • share findings at conferences and in peer reviewed journals
  • create achievable performance objectives for organisations.

Two major outcomes:

  1. A measurable improvement in people’s capacity to use information
  2. A large Return On Investment (ROI) for participating organisations.
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A project snapshot

Policy and procedure system development showing all stages,
surrounded by the reports at each stage.